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Presence of Mind Fanfiction @ Trekipedia.

Nov 17, 2003 · The Jamboree was a place of many contrasts. Technically it was a fast-food replimat designed with teenagers in mind, but was also frequented by many junior officers who preferred the more playful atmosphere to the Delta Café’s more classic ambiance. The décor was an unlikely combination of 20 th century art deco and a 22 nd century sports bar. The back room was lined with a row of pool. Recent Posts. The Voyager Conspiracy; Tomed; Shattered Dreams; Presence of Mind; Archives. Fanfiction @ Trekipedia. Fanfiction Archive. Star Trek: Version 2.0. Dauntless; Department of Temporal Investigations;. Delta Fleet Cast; Delta Fleet Chronology; Delta Fleet Technical Manual; Voyager Virtual Season Project; Fanfiction; Thoughts by Thomas Lee; Communications;. Presence of Mind.

Presence of Mind. I noticed him right away, of course. My god, you'd have to have been blind and deaf not to have noticed him. It took three of them to drag him in the door, twitching and resistant, an almost feral wildness in the way his eyes darted around the room. Ch 7 - A Presence of Mind. A blueish damp fog encircled the trees in the distance, a breeze is heard through the greenery but the air is so thick around him that it doesn't reach the depth of the grounds. Nov 17, 2003 · A soldier bred for battle must become more than just the sum of his parts. Written by MarqEDman Stardate 78861.2 Release 14 Sep 2003. Read more. The body leads, but does the mind always follow? DF-108: Inquisitor by Michael B 20 Apr 2003 Secrets cannot stay hidden forever no matter how deeply they are buried. DF-109: Bonds of Affinity by Kristian Kanding 19 May 2003 It’s a day in the life aboard the Enterprise while the Wayfarer fights for survival. Stardate Unknown 2380: Voyager is tasked with a two-pronged mission: return to the Delta Quadrant to make contact with the humans descended from ‘the 37s,’ and look for any clues to the origin of the new threat to the Federation in that quadrant.

FanFiction unleash. Follow/Fav The Power of the Mind. By: Landstradd. "Deputy Headmistress, your presence will be required also." Silence ruled the great hall as The-Boy-Who-Lived and The Sorting Hat left. Some stared at the doors, others at the new table, still more fixed their gazes upon the Headmaster, who was standing near the. Mind Control Dolls NidoranDuran. and like any sensible monsters capable of mind control would, they immediately set their sights on using it to brainwash and control women into depraved sexual situations. Commission for pantboy678. constant presence in her life.

His killing intent spiked oppressively, the suffocating presence of his violent thoughts powerful enough to cause even the Demon of the Mist to narrow his eyes in wariness. "Enough games Zabuza, this ends now" Kakashi promised coldly, his mind already devising a way to dispose of the blood-thirsty Kiri-nin. "Really? That's what makes them better?" Harry scoffed, blinking and releasing Draco from the grasps of mind magic. "So they're still better if they don't mind stabbing me in the back? Real friends care about each other's personalities, not their family background. Friends care about the true you, not whether or not you have money. FanFiction unleash. Professor Meadows tore free from James' mind. He felt her presence rip away like an arrow torn out of his flesh. The gaping, ragged-edge wound she left fluttered free for a moment, before James' thoughts rushed in to fill the void, healing over the damage and returning him to full consciousness, leaving a layer of. In the Presence of Mine Enemies is a 2003 alternate history novel by American author Harry Turtledove, expanded from the eponymous short story. The title comes from the fifth verse of the 23rd Psalm.The novel depicts a world where the United States remained isolationist and did not participate in the Second World War, thus allowing victory to the Axis Powers, who divided the world among.

SMALLVILLE SLASH FICTION. DISCLAIMERS: The characters do not belong to us, but the stories do. Money does not enter into this, just love of the adventure. WARNING: Stories here are ADULT SLASH. If you can't cope, stick to the GENERAL fiction. If you are. The only thing she knew about the sinister aura was that Sasuke could not be anywhere near it. Of course, if Sakura was in her right mind, she would instantly know to whom the presence belonged, but at the moment, she probably wouldn’t be able to recognize it if it was dancing naked in her soup bowl. FanFiction unleash. He has the presence of mind to grab a coat, before he laces his running shoes. He notices his hands are shaking. The cold night air surrounds him, fills his lungs, sharp and clear as ice water. But the tears are hot on his cheeks, as is the snot on his upper lip; he swings one arm up to wipe his sleeve across his face.

God’s bless Inuyasha. Her anger at his disrespectful nickname for her gave her just enough presence of mind to move away. She stepped back around the tree to put a few feet of space between them. She felt a nearly subsonic growl from the demon in front of her. He could feel his cum hitting his chest, and didn’t even have the presence of mind to care that he was getting it all over his work shirt. “Keep coming for me,” the king’s voice commanded. The smacking sounds suddenly stopped, and the most agonizingly arousing moan Yosuke had ever heard echoed through his headphones.

PRESENCE OF MIND. It was nearly midnight at the Vozë Pubb. The night was quiet. An owl swooped above the establishment, hooting softly, as it delivered. I saw the other guy elbowed him as he seems to regain his presence of mind. "Uh. Uhnm. Yeah. It's been a while. "He seems uncomfortable that I can't help but to laugh a little. The other guy look at us with confusion. "You guys know each other??? "I can't help but to smirk. Forth's expression is really amusing. I took the initiative to answer. And you might think that having been an Auror for some time and having fought in the the war, he would at least have the presence of mind to finish his enemies. His mind too, you said that his Occlumency was extremely well developed and yet Saphira and Brom just pop in whenever. Even in her blissed out state, Kara had the presence of mind to wrap her arms around Alex with just enough force to keep her from falling. Alex merely closed her eyes and settled her head into the crook of Kara's neck, completely trusting her lover to keep her safe.

I was a young woman in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and though that gives me little peace of mind, I have learnt to appreciate small blessings for what they are. What my mind took a long time to get used to was the difference between real memories - names, faces, bonds, common sights - and flashes of things I used to do and watch for. He had just enough presence of mind left to be ashamed and hot tears rose to his eyes. And then it was over and the man was leaving and Lotor sagged down to the floor, curling into himself as the tears finally broke free. Everything hurt, his skin was on fire. ← Previous Work Part 18 of the Voltron Fanfiction series Next Work.

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